The Complete Java Swing Course for GUI Development for 2021

The Complete Java Swing Course for GUI Development for 2021

Learn Developing GUI Desktop Applications and Games on Java

What you’ll learn

  • Discover the concepts behind Java Games Development
  • Learn the main stages of Game Development
  • Understand the packages used for GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) applications
  • Learn the theory of Java programming with Swing and AWT



In the course you will learn the most commonly used methods for developing Games and GUI applications in Java. This course is specifically designed as a complete guide for students who want to advanced in Java GUI Application Development.  For that reason each topic is supported by detailed coding exercises , so you can grasp the material easily and refer to it when needed.

The course covers the development of applications frame and various methods used to display and interact with functional objects using Java Swing. However, we will also show you practical examples of how to develop java games and applications so you get the complete practice  and apply what you have learned.

When you finish the course you will have firm knowledge and be able to overtake more advanced topics.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Java Developers
  • Students willing to learn Java Games Development
  • Students willing to learn GUI Applications Development
  • University Students in Computer Science
  • Employees of IT companies with no prior programming experience

Course content

15 sections • 70 lectures • 8h 33m total length
  • Introduction
  • Java and Eclipse IDE Installations
  • Game Basic Principals and Structure
  • Java Swing | Classes and Methods
  • Java AWT Classes and Methods
  • Event Handling with Java Swing
  • Core Swing Components
  • Toggle Buttons
  • Swing Menus and Pop Ups
  • Window Borders
  • Root Pane Containers
  • Layout Managers
  • Boxes and Bounded Range Components
  • Practical Lectures | Puzzle Application
  • ** Bonus Lectures **
Created by: Martin Yanev, Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineer, Software Developer
Last updated 12/2020
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