Cypress V5+: UI + API Automation + CUCUMBER + Page Objects

Cypress V5+: UI + API Automation + CUCUMBER + Page Objects

Cypress Tutorials – Learn and Master Cypress Modern Automation tool & techniques with Page Objects, Cucumber, Frameworks

What you’ll learn

  • Cypress tool – Automation in-Depth
  • Page Object Model
  • Cucumber JS
  • End to End Automation on different type of applications
  • All major Cypress commands etc
  • Cypress Automation implementation on Live projects


  • Basic knowledge of Automation


Cypress Tutorials on Latest V5+

Welcome to Brand new series of the most demanding and the Modern test Automation tool I.e Cypress

Cypress is one the open source Automation tool for cross browser testing which is very popular these days and has a great demand in Industry. The test execution is quite fast as compare to any other automation tools available in the Industry

A lot of new features that Cypress came up with which you will not find in any other automation tool in the Industry for ex if we talk about other open source automation tools or projects like Selenium, Protractor, WebDriverIO most of these are originated from the Selenium API itself.

Features like: 

  1. Time Travel
  2. Debuggability
  3. Automatic Waiting
  4. Spies, Stubs, and Clocks
  5. Network Traffic Control
  6. Consistent Results
  7. Screenshots and Videos
  8. Cross browser Testing

We will be discussing about these features in Depth in the course

And in case you are coming from Selenium background then you are going to love this tool as working on Cypress is very very easy and simple as compare to writing automation code using Selenium APIs

Who this course is for:

Created by: Rahul Arora, Way2Automation – Director & The Automation Guru
Last updated 1/2021
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