Appium Mobile Automation – Android & iOS + Frameworks + CICD

Appium Mobile Automation - Android & iOS + Frameworks + CICD

Master Appium, Design Production Ready Frameworks, Implement CI/CD & Become Mobile Test Automation Expert

What you’ll learn

  • Automate any Android/iOS Native, Hybrid and Mobile Web App using Appium and confidently lead the mobile automation effort from the design phase
  • Design and Implement production ready test automation frameworks using Appium + TestNG and Appium + Cucumber
  • Implement end to end CI/CD pipeline from scratch using Appium as well as using BrowserStack cloud
  • Learn Maven, TestNG, Cucumber, Jenkins, JUnit, Git, Extent Reports and Apache Log4J2
  • Setup Appium environment on Windows for Android real device and emulator
  • Setup Appium environment on MAC for Android and iOS real device and emulator/simulator
  • Build and distribute iOS app for testing on real devices and simulator
  • Setup Appium for iOS real device using free and paid developer account
  • Learn and apply JAVA programming language concepts
  • Run tests in Parallel on real Android and iOS devices
  • Learn automation best practices
  • Learn Appium best practices
  • Learn Appium tips and tricks


  • *** NO PRIOR APPIUM KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED – I’ll take you right from the basics to the advanced level***
  • *** NO PRIOR FRAMEWORK CREATION KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED – I’ll help you design industry standard frameworks step by step***
  • ***JAVA PROGRAMMING KNOWLEDGE IS NOT REQUIRED – We have a dedicated section to learn Java basics***
  • ***You can download all the latest code/instructions from resources section/from the last lecture***


Course Updates:

Dec 2020: The Course content is updated for the year 2021!

Why this course?

  • This is one of the most comprehensive Appium course ever created online
  • I have explained every concept in great details and with live coding
  • No other online course covers iOS real device automation like the way I have covered
  • We will be designing and implementing production ready frameworks using Appium + TestNG and Appium + Cucumber BDD
  • We will integrate frameworks with other important tools like Maven, Jenkins, GitHub, Apache Log4J2, Extent Reports and so on
  • This is the only course that covers end to end CI/CD implementation using Appium for both iOS and Android
  • This is the only course that covers parallel execution on real Android and iOS devices
  • We will be running the Appium framework on BrowserStack cloud and implement CI/CD using Jenkins
  • We will be covering a lot of automation best practices and Appium tips and tricks throughout the course

What the course offers?

  • The main objective of the course is to take you from the beginner level to advanced level so that you can lead the entire mobile automation effort from the planning phase all the way to the CI/CD implementation.
  • The course mainly focuses on teaching you the Appium concepts with live coding examples.

Important topics covered:

  • Introduction to Appium
  • JAVA Essentials
  • Setting up Appium environment on Windows for Android
  • Setting up Appium environment on MAC for iOS and Android
  • Creating our first Appium project
  • Native Apps automation
  • Appium Gestures using Touch Action API
  • Appium Driver Commands
  • WEBVIEW automation for Hybrid and Web (Browser) apps
  • TDD Framework design from scratch using Appium and TestNG
  • BDD Framework design from scratch using Appium and Cucumber
  • Complete CI/CD implementation from scratch for iOS and Android
  • Run Appium on BrowserStack cloud through CI/CD

If you are stuck and need help

Do not worry if you are stuck somewhere and need my help.

I’m in the Q&A to help you get unstuck. I’ll reply to every question to get you back on track.

Who this course is for:

  • Mobile application testers who want to master mobile automation using Appium
  • Web application testers who are interested in learning mobile automation
  • Any software engineer interested in mastering Appium for mobile automation

Course content

18 sections • 165 lectures • 39h 4m total length
  • About the Course
  • Appium Introduction
  • Java Essentials
  • Important: When you need help
  • Appium Setup on Windows
  • Appium Setup on Mac – iOS
  • Appium Setup On Mac – Android
  • First Appium Project
  • Native Apps Automation
  • Appium Gestures using Touch Action
  • Appium Driver Commands
  • WEBVIEW Automation [Hybrid App + Mobile Browser]
  • TDD Framework Design [Appium + TestNG]
  • Advanced: Deep Links: Improve Speed and Flakiness
  • BDD Framework Design [Appium + Cucumber]
  • Complete CI/CD Implementation Step By Step
  • Appium and BrowserStack Cloud Integration
  • Bonus Lecture
Created by: Omprakash Chavan,  Test Automation Lead
Last updated 5/2021
English [Auto]
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Rating: 4.6 out of 5
(229 ratings)
1,443 students

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